Millions of projects complete every year and every completed project involves a learning cycle of great knowledge for the organisation. And if we dig down to find the causes for failure, then over two third of the failure is due to repetitive mistakes due to change of professionals.  So it is very important for the company to carry out the performance audit for their project to establish the lesson learnt so that the other project managers benefit from the outcome.

PMPS would provide the performance audit for our clients which would focus on basically what well good and what changes would have been done during the project implementation for the better result focusing mainly on following;

  1. Project Planning
  2. Project Control
  3. Risks Management and mitigations applied
  4. Contract managements
  5. Stakeholders managements
  6. Project management tools and procedures followed
  7. Project document procedure
  8. Reporting process followed
  9. Coordination and networking
  10. Communication management
  11. Expectation Management
  12. Sharing project’s pain and gain during implementation
  13. Client’s side management and
  14. Knowledge sharing etc..