Over 90% of the project starts with basic assumptions such as 1) good underground conditions (geological), 2) Perfect Designs, 3) Ideal Weather, 4) Stable Political situation (at country or at local levels), 5) Sound economy 6) Free from Natural calamities, 7) skilled resources available as and when needed etc etc..

But when any of the above ideal assumptions are not met, then the project starts suffering and the delay in project occurs intimately blowing both the end date and of course the budget.

This is like a chronicle diseases to the project.

With our services, if the delay occurs, we do following steps to safe guard our clients;

  • Try to find the root-cause for the delay and come of with the mitigation plan to minimise the impact of the delay.
  • We establish the reason for the delay in document in the programme and demonstrate the impact on end date.
  • We rework and terminal floats and come up with chain of critical path to demonstrate the impact. This would help our client to get acceptance of extended end date and reimbursement of inflated project cost.
  • We also establish the EWs and CEs into the programme as soon as they realise and while the cost managers come up with increased cost, the programme would be ready to suggest the impacted delays. This planning process would also for future arbitration process if it happens at all.
  • We imbed the upcoming certain and uncertain risks in the programme with possible time impacts. This is very helpful to project professions while managing risks and prioritising impacts.