Project Management and Planning Services Limited (PMPS Ltd) was established to provide project management and planning services in UK and across the globe. Since the establishment PMPS Ltd is providing quality services to its customers. The project control is key to the successful project management hence we are equally emphasising project control and the management in conjunction.

We very often hear that 80% to 90% project fails worldwide because of insufficient attention and untimely response to the requirement of time factor and needed considerations in the project. We have seen in past that people project professionals would not give due attention to time (schedule) until the project starts delaying and as a knock-on effect it starts raising project costs.



We very often say “time is money” or “time costs money”, but in reality do we really cash this future money?

To answer this question, PMPS Ltd is established to help focus our clients to realise the importance of time and start prioritising schedule in the beginning of the project.

Our aim is to make our client realise that if they plan their project well in the beginning, meaning the full control of time which ensure the cost efficient and quality assured delivery.