PMPS Ltd is a Project Management Consultancy with a global reach based on London. Our services includes project management and planning, construction planning, project control, dashboard management, delay analysis and performance audit with the clients based in UK and other countries.

Project Management and Planning Services Limited (PMPS Ltd.) was established in 2013  to provide professional project management and planning services in UK and across the globe to our valuable clients. Since the establishment PMPS Ltd. is providing quality services to its customers. Our dedicated team has expertise in engineering, project planning services, data analysis, forensic schedule analysis, audits and researchs.

Project Management and Planning Services Limited assist you to protect your projects from possible threats. We aid our clients in risk identification and evaluation. We help in plannig risk mitigation strategies and monitor risks frequently.


Strategic alignment directs us to know the feasibility of a project within a given time frame using various patterns and elements of evaluation. The true integration of strategic management is difficult, complex, and dynamic, as evidenced by the activities carried out by strategic managers, thus a need of effective project management is required with the clear vision and expertise of strategic management

Our aim is to make our client realize that if they plan their project well in the beginning, meaning the full control of time which ensure the cost efficient with assurance in quality.